Mailroom Management


Mailroom Management

Team Express Mailroom Management forms the central hub of communications between you, your customers and suppliers. We realize your mail contains anything from cheques, bills and orders to business-critical correspondence. It may also include your employees’ mails.Team Express mail-room management can help you optimize the efficiency of your mail-room and ensure your post operations run smoothly Our trained staff will help you optimize the efficiency of your mail-room and keep communications running smoothly.

What we Offer in Mailroom Management

  • On-site mail-room.
  • Inbound mail management.
  • Secure screening of mail and goods.
  • Outbound mail management.
  • Dispatch management of mail and courier items.
  • Sorting to department level.
  • Inter-site mail distribution across branch networks.
  • Cost-effective postal services.
  • Print and stationery management.
  • Query resolution.
  • MIS & Reporting.
  • Vendor management.

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